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Main skills

•   Analysis, modeling, development of work plans and processes in the organization
•   Analysis and control of key performance indicators
•   Writing and implementing policies and standards
•   Development and support of team motivation systems
•   Documentation management (legal and accounting aspects)
•   Project management using modern agile methods

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 Work experience

01-02. 2024

Consultant for Kharkiv School of Architecture 

Provided recommendations for the development of the organization to stabilize processes in unstable financial conditions

2014 – 2023

Head and fundraiser of Feminist Workshop NGO

Gathered a team of committed activists (about 30 people worked during 9 years and 100 people in community)

Established efficient management for core team of 8 employees and 14 part-time workers

Conceptualized a Theory of change for the organization

Developed and implemented a fundraising plan

Fundraised money for 7 years of work (from 18 international donors and several other sources)

Developed a strategy to involve business partners

Made and implemented an annual budget and financial managing mechanisms


Consultant for Purposeful and Urgent Fund for Women

Supported the work of about 64 women’s group

Helped to apply for the grant to 25 individual activists and 6 organizations

Guided a process of building relationships with 8 young feminist groups


Co-founder and head of Ukrainian Feminist Network for Freedom and Democracy 

Co-created Network from the scratch with a team of 5 feminist leaders

Produced all the documents needed for the registration and registered organization

Accessed money for 1 year of work

2013 – 2018

Cinema hall curator at Lviv Art Palace

Established the work of cinema hall at the venue in cooperation with 6 distributors and dozens of independent film directors and art enthusiasts

Increased audience’s demand for art house and documentary cinema in Lviv

2010 – 2012

Art manager at Bommer cinema 

Created the whole year program of cultural events

Acquired about 25 local partnerships

Increased attendance of venue in 10 times

2009 – 2012

Secretary and deputy chair at Foundation of Regional Initiatives (Kharkiv branch) NGO

Systematized paperwork

Established a system of members’ donations

Coorganized a dozen of public events for youth


Assistant of an architect, urban planner

Made cottages layouts and site plans

Performed embankment planning of Kharkiv river

Took part in development of idea of SPA hotels in Crimea




School of community development: Community Canvas (6 sessions), Insha Osvita and INSHI


Two-day two-level training on advocacy of gender equality in international and national legislation, Center for Democracy Development


3-weeks seminar “Wars, Violence, and Gender in the Twentieth Century”, Center for Urban History of East Central Europe


Online course and on-site training on anti-discrimination and gender in formal education, “Krona Gender Analytical Center” NGO


Two-level course on moderation of informal educational events,

“Docudays UA”

2004 – 2010

MA in City planning and Architecture

O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy, Kharkiv