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Here it is described how I solved different problems at different institutions where I have been working in various positions (about institutions and positions you can read on CV page). 

Increase the flow of customers to the cinema

Situation: People did not go to the small old cinema, they preferred the modern format of multi-screen cinemas in shopping malls.

Solution: After analyzing the possibilities and advantages of the cinema, as well as my own resources, I decided to involve event organizers who do not have their own location in the city. After the audience came to the events of these organizers, they returned to the familiar location to watch the films.  Also, since it was an unusual location and an original event, they were eager to share their find with their friends, making free advertising.


Provide a model of support for new activists

Situation: Having an exhaustive medium-term resource, it was necessary to create a framework for effective support of activist initiatives from people who do not have professional experience in public projects, and therefore have difficulties with realistic planning. The methodology for solving the problem is also linked to the global goals of building social movements and developing civil society.

Solution: The following framework was developed with three components that complement each other: 1) peer-to-peer support for activists of the same level, 2) financial support to attract additional resources and practice working with project structures, and 3) assistance in promoting ideas and projects in the media space.


Develop a format of communication/meeting that would facilitate the emergence of ideas and further cooperation between people who have never met before

Situation: The organization needed to attract foreign charitable funding to a segment with poorly established international relations, using its own database of contacts on both sides.

Solution: We analyzed the capabilities and needs of potential benefactors and recipients of assistance, weighed the available resources, worked out a scenario for cooperation, and proposed a meeting format that would generate keen interest and establish direct emotional contact between decision-makers on both sides. This became the key to further direct communication without the need for additional facilitation.


Analyze the profitability of launching a new service

Situation: A company that creates a digital product has decided to launch a service for its customers, relying on the competencies of its current staff.

Solution: Find the right market, determine the price of competitors. Determine the necessary fixed costs and which of them are already covered, which resources can be freed up to meet new tasks, and which resources will need to be found from outside. Define a marketing strategy. Create a forecast for labor costs (temporary expenses).

As a result, it was determined that the new service would be worthwhile if it was provided in the amount of at least 30 hours per month for 1 year. At this point, the break-even point will be reached, and in the future, profit is expected due to the sufficiently high margin of the service.


Create an organizational structure that is resilient to crises and leadership changes

Situation: All processes in the organization are tied to the head, the organization is not able to make strategic decisions and important operational processes, including financial ones, without the head. Because of this, the organization was vulnerable in times of crisis, and it was not possible to plan for scaling up operations.

Solution: Reorganization of the organizational structure to share responsibilities with the current staff, and a program to build competencies and transfer previous experience and culture of the organization.


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