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My approaches to management are based on the ideas of transformational leadership, which I developed in practice while studying Western and Ukrainian publications in two avant-garde management areas. First, it is information technology, where optimized processes are ensured by cutting-edge computer solutions and industry flexibility. Secondly, it is the civil society sector, where the best standards for working with people are used. I studied the practices of organizing work in IT, learned the core principles, and tested a number of tools in the non-profit sector.

An important part of my work is creativity in any work, which I have gained through art component in my education and experience in cultural institutions.

I am also characterized by adventurousness and courage in making decisions that challenge the status quo or cannot be fully tested in an unpredictable market but align with the values or essence of the project.

I’m a frugal person, and I like to increase money rather than spend it recklessly. But smart investments bring me pleasure. I like to find ways of non-monetary interaction between people. And I think about resources in a comprehensive way: not only financial capital determines the value of a company.

I am a team player, and when taking responsibility, transparency in decisions and actions is important to me. I appreciate sincere feedback and strive to provide it to others.